Blended Learning

The Centre for People Development offers a wide range of online learning options including:

  • Accredited training Professional development programs
  • Skills recognition
  • e-portfolios

CPD provides online components to most face to face training also, allowing participants access to their training plans, resources and assessment requirements. You can browse our training options through this website and contact CPD directly or send us an enquiry or email for information regarding enrollment.


The Centre for People Development provides access to a Learning Management System (LMS) for participants who undertake our e-learning options. Participants are provided with full access to their training plans, learning requirements and E-Portfolio. Access to the LMS provides participants with :

  • Dynamic e-learning content tailored to individual training plans
  • Complete access and handling of individual learning plans and student records,
  • Training calendar tailored to their learning programs and training plan (sessions, dates, learning outcomes etc)
  • Access to training catalogue and enrollment in other programs Individual profile and participation in online community and networking groups
  • Forums, chat and facilitator support
  • Email account and access to RTO Support and assistance


The Centre for People Development provides participants with complete access to their training plans and learning requirements. In addition, CPD offers participants the resource and ability, to build evidence portfolios mapped to their individual training plans which may contribute to recognition towards accredited training, also known as recognition of prior learning (RPL). Participants can easily :

  • Build organisational capacity and workforce development pathways through recognition of current skills
  • Develop online evidence portfolio’s mapped to individual training plans
  • Review current training requirements and build career pathways
  • Complete access and handling of individual learning plans and student records,
  • Access and develop evidence portfolio’s with convenience 24/7
  • Networked online community and knowledge sharing
  • RTO support and assistance

You must be enrolled in a current CPD course or RPL process to use the Student Learning Portal. Access is available to online and face to face training participants.


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