Clinton Jury

An effective Business Case is a multi-purpose document that generates support and participation needed to turn an idea into a reality. Put simply, it makes the job of the CEO and Board so much easier when looking at a new project or idea when information is presented logically, clearly and in a way that identifies and acknowledges risk and reward.

An intensive one day program is now available for you and your staff on “Developing a Business Case”. This program is a nationally accredited unit of Competency (PSPMNGT607B) and provides the option for your staff to be formally assessed for competency towards further qualifications.

Jill Gael

As it is not just who you know but who knows you, it’s time to hone skills and develop strategies for effective, productive and energising networks. Networking is an essential tool because people thrive on interaction. Share and learn about developing and maintaining effective professional networks– the why’s and how’s. Build on what you know to become a great networker.

the Centre for People Development

Conflict is a normal part of relationships, and is perfectly healthy if handled well. But there is no “right” way – we need a range of approaches to conflicts depending on how important we feel the issue is and how much we value the relationship. This unit covers the requirements for managing conflict in the workplace. It includes how to assessing conflict and implement resolution strategies that really work.

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