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The facilitator’s skill lies in the capacity to quickly develop rapport, to be clear with the group about what needs to be achieved and to provide the processes and tools that are needed to achieve the group’s goal. Facilitators help groups to work well, to solve their own problems, generate new ideas and reach consensus. They make sure that people participate and are heard and they keep the group focused.

the Centre for People Development

First line supervisors need to have great people management skills in order to deal effectively with the challenges arising from current and future organisational and environmental changes in the operations of the private and public sectors.  We recognise that people are the most important resource and will develop their abilities and achieve to their highest degree if well managed. Understanding and developing management competencies to facilitate this requires supervisors to assess the skills of their people, identify training and development needs; negotiate personal development plans; assist career planning opportunities; assist in selection processes, provide work reports for selection and support people to reach their potential.This program is delivered over two (2) full days or a variation of.

Change is the normal state of play in most workplaces. This program covers facilitation of workplace change in public sector environments where role ambiguity and uncertainty often accompany the change process. Programs can be customised to suit any workplace environment including private and not for profit also.

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