CPD BIZ Consulting is a values-centred management consulting group. We invest in people and organisations working to make a difference and we challenge managers and leaders to create environments where their people can do and be their best. We build creative and innovative approaches to address challenging problems and motivate people to be active, involved, committed, connected and creative. We believe in the value to our society of an ethical and viable public sector


The Leaders Coach

Focused on developing exceptional leaders at all levels, The Leader’s Coach is an Australia-wide organisation that combines scientifically validated techniques and assessment tools to deliver sustained change in the areas of performance management, conflict management and change management. Programs offered by The Leader’s Coach are tailor-made to suit you and your organisation’s needs. Whether you are an established leader, such as a long-term CEO; an emerging leader, someone new to a leadership or management role; looking to establish a high performing team, for efficient and effective organisational performance capability; or a transitioning employee, someone changing career and / or needing to reskill, there is a program to suit you and achieve your career objectives.



Mike Nolan Management Services is a consulting and training company that specialises in Organisational Development and Project Management. MNMS has a proven track record in offering the highest standard of customer service. The key indicator of success is therefore measured by the satisfaction of its clients. When delivering management solutions to your organisation, each program will be especially tailored to your needs thereby providing you with the best possible results and value for money. Mike Nolan Management Services works in partnership with its clients and demonstrates a commitment to achieving successful outcomes.



e Learning Creations is a highly collaborative and innovative educational instruction and design organisation specialising in flexible, innovative and engaging online learning approaches and products. In other words, we design and develop learning resources, online content and complete learning management systems tailored to your organisations requirements. We work with you to provide quality and highly innovative products for your workplace. e Learning Creations specialises in competency based and nationally recognised training, including learning system management offering powerful learner engagement strategies and effective delivery of flexible learning options.



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