Develop Internal and External Networks

Jill Gael

As it is not just who you know but who knows you, it’s time to hone skills and develop strategies for effective, productive and energising networks. Networking is an essential tool because people thrive on interaction. Share and learn about developing and maintaining effective professional networks– the why’s and how’s. Build on what you know to become a great networker.

Effective networkers use their contacts for a raft of organisational and personal activities - seeking opportunities or exposure, staying connected, problem solving, checking out information and collaborating.

Improved skills, new techniques and information will enhance their ability to connect with people outside the agency and with colleagues. Well-networked people bridge organisational silos as well as fostering collaboration for high quality outcomes.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Why networking?
  • How? -identifying, developing and maintaining networks
  • Establishing and maintaining working relationships, collaboration and joint problem solving through network relationships
  • Representing and promoting your organisation through networking

Outcomes Participants can:

  • Enhance their networking skills
  • Improve the networking done in their workplace
  • Represent their organisation through networks
  • Work collaboratively with network partners
  • Be attuned to networking opportunities
  • Build and maintain professional networks and associations
  • Polish up negotiation and collaborative problem solving skills
Short courses developed by the Centre for People Development include activities that will require you to apply your knowledge and skills into either a real work site or simulated work-based situation.
There are a wide range of methods and tools that you can select from to suit your intended employment circumstances. the Centre for People Development will work with you to select the most appropriate approach.


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