Essentials of Great Supervision Leadership

the Centre for People Development

First line supervisors need to have great people management skills in order to deal effectively with the challenges arising from current and future organisational and environmental changes in the operations of the private and public sectors.  We recognise that people are the most important resource and will develop their abilities and achieve to their highest degree if well managed. Understanding and developing management competencies to facilitate this requires supervisors to assess the skills of their people, identify training and development needs; negotiate personal development plans; assist career planning opportunities; assist in selection processes, provide work reports for selection and support people to reach their potential.This program is delivered over two (2) full days or a variation of.

Participants will be able to:
  • Adjust their leadership style to account for differences in staff and task requirements
  • Choose between a range of key leadership strategies in different situations
  • Assess staff and task to determine the most appropriate style and plan interaction
  • Demonstrate improved supervisory skills


  • Leadership styles  and Delegating ­
  • Participative ­ Coaching and Directing
  • Modeling high standards of management performance
  • Maintaining control
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Being goal oriented
  • Problem solving
  • Managing change
  • Capitalising on difference
  • Influencing individuals and teams
  • Adapting to different situations
  • Managing different people differently but fairly
  • Making informed decisions
Short courses developed by the Centre for People Development include activities that will require you to apply your knowledge and skills into either a real work site or simulated work-based situation.
There are a wide range of methods and tools that you can select from to suit your intended employment circumstances. the Centre for People Development will work with you to select the most appropriate approach.


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